More gun control?

No word of the week this week.  I saw on the news tonight about a shooting at a congressional baseball practice and I have mixed feelings about this.

You can read about it here:

Alexandria Shooting

Let me say this up front that I do not condone this act of violence on anyone, no matter your political affiliation, sexual orientation, race, etc.  And I’m not making an excuse for this person and his behavior, but I have to wonder if this guy was just so frustrated with what has been happening in the world within the last few years that he felt that this was his only recourse or he felt that was the only way that he could be heard.  I mean you can only shit on the little guy for so long before he gets to the point of doing something reckless and dangerous – which is what happened here.

I feel bad for the people at the ball park that got hurt and injured by this man.  I feel bad for the families of everyone because now they have experienced trauma and they must learn how to deal with this.  I feel bad for the shooters family because I’m sure they are wondering why the person that they loved behaved in this manner and they must now learn to live with the aftermath of such a horrific event.

I have to wonder, too, when did he purchase the gun?  Was this a pre-meditated event?  Or did he just one day  decide to buy a gun and shoot at some republicans?  Where did he purchase the gun?  Was it while he was living in Illinois?  Or when he moved to Virginia.  You know Virginia is for lovers, but he has no love for the republicans, I guess (trying humor to lighten this up a bit).  I didn’t hear on the new of any of this being reported on.  Maybe it is too soon to even have this information.

I’m just trying to make sense of this, just like everyone else is I’m sure.  And I have to wonder if, instead of loosening the gun control laws that we take another look at this and maybe the gun control laws should be tightened.  Or maybe the gun control laws need to be looked at and re-written with the intent of having responsible gun control, instead of intent of fear that the “rights to bear arms” is being taken away.  And for the record I do believe in the right to bear arms, I just ask that responsibility be included in this.

*sigh* I know that people feel very passionately about this and I can see both sides of the story ( I am a Libra after all) but I just don’t know what to think or what to feel about this.  I’m trying to not be political of this, but I have to say what do the republicans expect after the inciteful political year we just head.  People can only take so much before they just lose control and do something stupid.

I’m rambling, people.  What do you think?