What is the fascination Wisconsin?

I over heard recently about Wisconsin lawmakers proposing a new bill that would allow people of Wisconsin to carry concealed weapons without a permit and without training.  You can read about it here:

Wisconsin bill would allow concealed weapons

I am trying to wrap my  head around this.  Why?  Why would anyone think that this is a good thing?  What is the state of Wisconsin lawmakers fascination with weapons, open carry and concealed carry?  Are we living in the wild, wild West?  Do the people of Wisconsin feel so threatened that they need to carry around guns?  And since there doesn’t seem to be any restrictions on this bill, is it really wise to say, allow an 18 year old to carry a gun with no training?  I like the comment, in the article, by Police Chief Todd Thomas when he said “…founders also made it clear that they were not unrestrained rights.”

I believe in responsible gun laws.  As a non gun owner, I see nothing wrong with having people having to go through background checks, registering your gun(s) and getting training on how to use one properly.  They make kids go through a hunter safety course before they can go hunting, but if they want to carry a concealed gun you don’t have to have training!?  WTH Wisconsin!  Have all just gone completely mental?