You looking at me?

Last Saturday a friend asked me to go hiking with her.  We met at the Prairie Moraine Park in Verona and caught part of the Ice Age Trail.  Round trip for the section that we did was about 5 miles.  The weather was beautiful, cool, sunny and a bit breezy.  Perfect for working up a sweat.  We didn’t run into too many people while walking so we basically had the trail to ourselves which was nice.  Along the trail we ran into some goats and chickens, just hanging out in this enclosure.  There wasn’t a home or a barn in sight and we thought it odd that they were just there in the middle of this hiking trail.  They weren’t that friendly, but they were curious about us.

If you ever get a chance, I suggest taking a few hours and hike along the Ice Age Trail. It was nice getting out in nature and it was good getting some exercise.