Happy Labor Day


This was taken a few weeks ago. My crab apply tree (I think) was blooming again.  I hope you all are enjoying a long and relaxing Labor Day weekend.  I am fortunate this year, I have a relatively new job that I don’t have to work this weekend.  Let’s all remember this weekend all the people that worked hard in the labor movement and those that are continuing to work hard for us in the labor movement so that we may continue to enjoy the social and economic achievements that have been hard fought.  I also want to remind everyone, while you’re enjoying your long 3 day weekend, most people are not and to be kind and courteous to those working in the service industry.  As a worker in the retail industry, I’ve had my share of rude and inconsiderate people.  Be kind, people, no matter what day of the year it is.

Enjoy the flower and I hope it reminds you to be kind and courteous.  We’re all fighting battles that we cannot see.


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